Senectus Therapeutics Ltd.

senescent melanoma cells

Senectus Theraputics Ltd. is a drug discovery company focused on the development of novel therapeutics that target cellular senescence. Our rapidly expanding understanding of how cellular immortality contributes to cancer progression offers an opportunity for the exploitation of the underlying molecular mechanisms into safe and effective new cancer therapies.

Senectus was founded around a hand picked consortium of world-class scientists whose research expertise in telomere biology, autophagy and tumour suppression is being utilised to develop innovative drug development programs. Our unique approach will deconvolute senescence signalling pathways and build a network of genes for target and biomarker discovery.

At present, telomerase represents the best defined and validated target for clinical development within the biology of cellular immortality. Telomerase inhibition in cancer has highlighted how powerful the induction of cellular senescence can be as a tumour suppressor mechanism.

senescent melanoma cellsSenectus is part of a Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT) initiative which, in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, is seeking to tackle some of cancer’s most intractable scientific challenges.

Senectus has secured $1M of translational funding and is currently seeking collaboration and/or investment partners.